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What Makes a Great Magic Show?
What Makes a Great Magic Show?

What Makes a Great Magic Show?

When it comes to a truly memorable and entertaining evening, nothing beats a great magic show. The question is: what makes a truly great magic show? 

There are basically two types of magic shows – a big stage illusion show in front of a large audience and a close up magic show in an intimate setting where you are literally, up-close and personal with the magician. In a close up magic show, the magic happens right in front of your eyes, and maybe even in your own hands! That’s why a professional close up magician blends sleight of hand and, if you’re very fortunate, adds magic comedy to create a truly unforgettable experience. 

So, we know the types of shows, but what makes a truly great magic show? Well, for one, it should always be entertaining. And two, it should leave the audience with feelings of wonderment, side-splitting laughter, and head-scratching fascination that brings out the child in all of us! 

The other question is: where can you find all of this – close up magic, comedy, and an unforgettable experience? The answer: Every night at Warren & Annabelle’s Magic! in Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii.

We’ve created a show that appeals to enthusiasts and first timers alike. Our phenomenal performances captivate audiences and transport them to a world of wonder, where anything is possible!

After two decades of performing live shows, how do we keep making magic happen night after night? Let’s unravel the mystery of what truly makes a great magic show!

Close Up Magic

For every great magic show, the devil is in the details. A seasoned showman not only knows the best techniques at their disposal, but they also apply them in the most creative way to captivate the audience. 

Close up magic is a form of sleight of hand that can be performed up close and personal. Magic up close leaves the audience in a state of awe and amazement. Even with laser focus, trying to understand the magic barely a table-length away, they walk away in baffled wonderment. 

That being said, great close up magicians understand that great magic isn’t just about showing off masterful magical maneuvers. It’s a combination of skill, world-class showmanship, and intriguing storytelling. It’s about keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire show.

The close up magic featured at the legendary Maui dinner show at is nothing short of astounding. Sleight of hand is put on full display with impossible card and coin tricks. Sometimes bowling balls appear out of nowhere or a table might fly into thin air! You might even get to experience the classic torn and restored rope up close! These world-class magicians and comedy magicians are so talented that quite simply, you’ll be blown away!

Comedy Magic Performance

To really understand what makes a great magic show, the art of storytelling is key. A magician must be able to draw the audience in to the story and lead them on an unexpected journey. It also makes the show more interactive and intimate, with these master magicians speaking directly to them.

With every clever surprise, the audience is left stunned and mystified. At Maui dinner show, our magicians weave intricate stories that grab the audience’s attention and keeps you guessing. However, they also keep you laughing!

The comedy aspects of a magic show should never be undervalued because a great magic show is never just about the magic! It’s about the performance, too! At the legendary Maui dinner show, our magicians know how to bring the house down with their humor. 

Crowds howl at their jokes, leaving even the most serious skeptic with their sides splitting. But the laughter doesn’t stop there. Mystifying magic also weaves into this hilarious spectacle, leaving the audience in hysterics and amazement.

Audience Engagement

Finally, nothing creates a more memorable experience than audience participation. A great magic show should keep the audience engaged throughout. No one in the crowd should feel left out, bored, or unenthused. That’s why at Warren & Annabelle’s, the audience shares in the fun.

A great magician needs to be able to draw the audience in and keep them engaged. At magic dinner show, our magicians engage the crowd with a mix of magic and comedy. They create an atmosphere of fun and wonderment that keeps the audience captivated. 

From comical sketches to getting audience members onstage, there is never a dull moment. People can get in on the action and share the joy of the show with their friends and family. And, if they choose, they can also eat and drink their fill – with options for dinner packages or al a-carte dining!

Join Us for the Legendary Maui Dinner Show at Warren & Annabelle’s Magic!

We all know the feeling of staring at something seemingly impossible with curiosity and surprise. That moment when you can’t help but gasp in awe and delight. That’s the feeling of a great magic show. 

A top-notch show will dazzle, delight, and astonish the audience. But a truly great magic show has a little something extra thrown in. A magic all its own. For a truly enchanting performance, you need an experienced magician, a lot of laughter, and a stunning spectacle. You need exciting close up magic acts, comedy performances, and audience engagement. That’s why you won’t want to miss out on Maui’s legendary show at Warren & Annabelle’s Magic! Because here, we have it all. 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable evening of magic and fun, we have it all. With magic, comedy, and enchanting stories rolled into one, it’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget. So, if you’re looking to plan a magical night out with family, friends, or colleagues, join us at Warren & Annabelle’s Magic!

Designed to offer a classy, yet comfortable night out for guests over 21, we offer a 3.5-hour dining and show experience. Although 21+ is required, there is nothing off-color. Food and drinks may be ordered a la carte with an Admission ticket.

At this Maui magic show, you’ll enjoy the wonder of magic comedy and the warm hospitality of our experienced staff. Shows tend to sell out nightly, so guests who have their hearts set on being in the audience will want to book their tickets in advance. Experience the amazement and excitement of something spectacular on your next vacation. Reserve your seat today, and prepare to be mystified and amazed!

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