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How to Learn Real Close Up Magic
How to Learn Real Close Up Magic

How to Learn Real Close Up Magic

Picture yourself in a dimly lit, intimate setting, surrounded by laughter and gasps of wonder. The magicians deft fingers perform seemingly impossible feats of magic with mind-boggling card maneuvers and mesmerizing coin manipulations. The experience is captivating, leaving you questioning the very fabric of reality. Welcome to the mystical world of close up magic. 

If you’re anything like us, you’re not only entertained but also intrigued by the art of magic. Today, we invite you to learn the secrets behind some of the most beloved card and coin tricks. Delve into the enchanting realms of sleight of hand and comedy magic. And before you know it, you’ll be spellbinding friends and family with your newfound magical prowess. 

Card Magic Tricks – Becoming a Master of Sleight of Hand

Card magic tricks are an excellent starting point for aspiring magicians. With a deck of cards, endless possibilities unfold. And you’ll soon discover that even the simplest of tricks can leave a lasting impression. From the classic pick-a-card routine to moves that defy logic (and gravity) – card magic can cater to all skill levels and interests. 

You can transform a humble deck of cards into a powerful and mystifying tool with practice, patience, and passion. That’s why the art of card magic has long been a staple of close up magic. Combining dexterity, misdirection, and psychology, sleight of hand artists use cards in ways you never thought possible. As you begin your magical journey, here are a few card magic tricks to really challenge yourself. 

The Levitating Card

This card maneuver is all about misdirection. To start, you’ll need a playing card, a straw, and some clear tape. Cut the straw in half and tape one half to the back of the card. Then, place the other half of the straw in your mouth and blow gently to make the card levitate. 

You can move your hand around the card to show that there are no strings or wires holding it up. This adds to the illusion. With a little practice, you can impress friends and family with this amazing move!

The Elusive Card Fan

Creating a beautiful fan of cards is an essential skill for any aspiring magician. A well-executed fan not only looks impressive but also allows the performer to control the cards with ease.

To create a fan, hold the deck in your non-dominant hand. Then move your thumb to the bottom edge and rest your fingers on top. Apply pressure with your thumb and use your dominant hand to spread the cards in a semi-circle. With practice, you’ll soon be able to create a stunning fan with a smooth, even spread.

Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to card magic. Dedicate time to honing your sleight of hand skills! Soon you’ll delight audiences with your very own magic comedy routine.

Coin Magic Tricks – The Art of Vanishing and Appearing Coins

Coin magic is another cornerstone of close-up magic, and its charm lies in its simplicity. Coins are small, easy to handle, and can be found everywhere, making them the perfect prop for beginner magicians. But make no mistake, mastering coin magic can be a lifelong pursuit.

Coin magic is sometimes considered more challenging than card magic. This is mostly because of the smaller size of the coins and the need for precise sleight of hand. However, once mastered, coin magic can be a truly astonishing and memorable experience for your audience. Here are some fundamental coin magic tricks that every aspiring magician should learn.

The French Drop

This classic sleight of hand movement involves making a coin disappear from your hand and then reappear at your fingertips. The French Drop relies on misdirection and the clever use of your hands. When perfected, it creates the illusion that the coin has vanished.

The Coin Through Table

In this trick, a coin appears to penetrate a solid table only to reappear beneath it. The Coin Through Table combines sleight of hand techniques with a convincing presentation. This makes it an excellent trick for beginner magicians to master.

The Coin Matrix

This visually stunning effect features four coins that seemingly move around a close-up mat or table, gathering in one corner. The Coin Matrix requires precise timing and finger dexterity, but once mastered, it’s a surefire way to leave your audience spellbound.

The list goes on for coin magic tricks, but these can get you started on the journey! Remember, just like card magic and any close up magic, you practice in stages. Once you master the movement, move on to misdirection and then perfect the performance!

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