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 A Close Up View on Close Up Magic
 A Close Up View on Close Up Magic

 A Close Up View on Close Up Magic

The world of close up magic is both mysterious and fascinating, leaving many of us wondering: how does magic work, exactly? This very question is the essence of magic as a whole – one that has captivated audiences from the beginning. Magic has been a part of cultures around the world for centuries. It entertains us, delights us, and leaves our minds whirling with wonder. 

People are forever intrigued by what they don’t understand. The clever tricks, the sleight of hand, the cunning craft of it all. However, there is a point where many of us feel a need for understanding, yet “a true magician never reveals their secrets.” But today, we’re going to pull back the curtain on some of the magic of magic. We’re going to explore how magic works – and why it works so well. 

The answer to this question, as you might expect, isn’t a simple one. Becoming a master magician, requires a lifetime of dedication, training, and raw talent. But every journey begins with a single step, and a magical journey begins with the fundamentals. 

So, let’s start with some magical performance styles:

Performance Styles

Magicians utilize various styles of performance to engage and amaze audiences. Without getting too into the weeds about nuanced styles, let’s look at three main styles. There is close up magic, stage magic, and magic comedy. To start, let’s explore close up magic.

Close Up Magic

Close up magic includes tricks featuring everyday objects such as cards, ropes, and coins. These items are manipulated in ways almost beyond belief, creating a sense of amazement that leave onlookers baffled.

Sleight of hand is the ability to manipulate objects in ways that appear to defy the laws of nature. A master of close up magic utilizes sleight of hand and misdirection. Even if you know what to look out for, misdirection from close up magicians will still leave you stumped, but that’s all part of the fun!

Close up magic conjures a one-on-one feeling between you and the magician. During an exciting dinner show, it allows audiences to get up close and personal. As you might imagine, that allows audiences to observe this magic like a hawk. For that reason, a close up magic performance requires a lot of skill, practice, and remarkable showmanship. 

Stage Magic

Stage (or theater) magic is magic designed for a stage and large audience. It incorporates grand props, amazing feats of magic, and eye-catching performances. Although less intimate than close up magic, these performances are designed to captivate everyone in the room.

To accentuate stage performances, magicians work with spectacular lighting, fog machines, and entertaining music. This larger-than-life style of magic also involves working with volunteers and surprises with audience engagement. However, regardless of close up or theater magic, something growing in popularity is:

Magic Comedy

Who doesn’t want to be mesmerized and laugh at the same time? That’s what the amazing magicians at believe. Elements of humor can elevate any magic show. For that reason, magic comedy encompasses a wide range of theatrical effects including stand-up, gags, slapstick, and much more. 

Developing a unique style of comedy is quickly becoming a prerequisite for success in the world of magic. You’ll often see magicians incorporate comedy stage magic into their performances. With that, let’s move on from performance styles to the nitty-gritty – and how to:

Practice Magic

Becoming a successful magician, requires hard work, passion, and a lot of practice. Every aspiring magician should start with simple tricks and progress to more complicated ones as their skills increase.

For close up magic, the magician must be able to create the magic without giving away the method. Any movements of the hands must be slight, subtle, and precise. This, as you might imagine, requires long hours of practice.

For a stage act, the trick must be strong enough to entice and entertain a large crowd. While close up magicians have the added benefit of “reading the room” – the larger the room, the harder to read. That’s why magicians must also focus on their presentation, whether close up or on stage. 

They must be able to engage an audience and draw them into their story. The key is to captivate the audience with a combination of humor, drama, and surprise. This also brings us to the other big question: how long does it take to become a professional magician?

The Amount of Time it Takes to Make Timeless Magic

As we mentioned, becoming a professional magician is no easy feat. It takes an incredible amount of skill, focus, and dedication. That said, the time it takes to become a professional magician depends on the individual. A general blog might say the journey ranges from three to five years, but for passionate magicians, the journey is a lifetime.

It may take three to five years of hard work to understand the fundamentals of magic and entertain an audience. However, magic can be a beautiful lifetime pursuit and a passion that constantly evolves. New magic shows, sleight of hand maneuvers, and mind-boggling illusions are developed all the time. In that way, the magic of magic is that it’s constantly changing. 

There are tried and true traditions, sure, but there is the opportunity for exploration and novelty. Every magician can start by understanding basic sleight of hand movements. Then they can move on to more complex tricks involving double lifts, card spreads, and false shuffles. Once comfortable there, they can learn the fundamentals of a full-length show. 

But after those basics, as with any craft, practice helps you become a better performer and entertainer. Some individuals have a natural talent for the craft. They may be able to pick up card tricks and illusions without much effort. For others, their journey may take longer. 

They may need to take classes from experienced magicians to learn the art. They will need to practice continuously to perfect their craft. If they do, the experience of performing for an audience and creating moments of wonder can be incredibly fulfilling.

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