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See, Eat, and Things to do on Maui
See, Eat, and Things to do on Maui

See, Eat, and Things to do on Maui

If you want to get a jump-start on your Maui vacation planning but aren’t sure where to begin, take a look at this bucket-worthy list we put together for you!

Things to See on Maui

The Pineapple Plantation – One of the island’s premier attractions is the pineapple tour located at Maui Gold Plantation in Hali’imaile, Maui. Known as the world’s premier supplier of pineapples, the plantation offers tourists an unforgettable look at how pineapples are grown and harvested.

Pineapple workers weave an oral history filled with fun facts while tourists follow the guide through the processing factory. And the best part of it all? You get to taste the fresh sweetness of pineapples cut open and sliced right from the fields!

Savor the difference that fresh pineapples offer. And if one isn’t enough to satisfy your tastebuds, all guests receive a boxed, airport-ready pineapple!

Black Sand Beach – Visit Maui’s famous black sand beach and learn about fascinating historical legends associated with the area. The beach is in Wai’ānapanapa State Park, just 3 miles north of Hana. Before exploring the park, be sure to make a reservation. Be sure to book multiple time slots to explore the lava caves, stone arches, and blow holes.

Molokini Crater – Are you looking for the best snorkeling trip on Maui? You don’t want to miss taking a dive at Molokini Crater. The crater was formed by a volcanic eruption more than 230,000 years ago and remains one of the most popular snorkeling, scuba, and snuba excursions in Maui due to its crystal-clear waters and colorful marine life. 

Molokini Crater has also become world renowned among scuba divers eager to descend its back wall to 360 feet below the surface. Don’t miss this snorkel adventure for things to do on Maui. There are many wonderful boat tour operators to choose from for a memorable experience.

Things to Eat on Maui

Coconut Battered Shrimp – There’s nothing like coconut shrimp to remind you of the islands. They are the ultimate sweet island indulgence. Do you know what pairs perfectly with this mouthwatering delight? Magic! For a fun, unforgettable experience, spend an evening being blown away at Warren & Annabelle’s Maui Magic show.

Dining is available with the show either a la carte or add the Royal Flush Package to receive a great discount. Can you guess what is on the menu? Crispy shrimp, of course, rolled in an aromatic blend of coconut and cooked crispy until they are golden crunchy on the outside.  

Poke  This traditional Hawaiian food with Japanese-inspired seasonings is prepared with rawyellowfin tuna that’s been diced into cubes. Traditional seasonings may include soy sauce, green onions, and sesame oil. Other ingredients may include fresh avocado or chopped chilies for added flavor.

Be aware that poke is raw fish. However, some restaurants now offer cooked variations to this Hawaiian classic, such as rare or cooked fish. For the best poke on the island, be sure to check out your local Foodland

Loco Moco – Considered one of Hawaii’s most popular dishes, Loco Moco is simply a beef patty served on a bed of white rice, smothered in brown gravy, and topped with a fried egg. The famous dish was created by a group of teenagers who were looking for a dish that was inexpensive to make but still quick and easy.

Reportedly, the dish got its name in 1949 from the cook, Loco, who worked at a restaurant in the town of Hilo. Today, you may find variations of this dish all over Hawaii since it’s now served in many restaurants across the islands. Check out Castaway Café on Ka’anapali Beach and enjoy a day of good food and fun in the sun!

Malasada – These sweet, delicious treats are Hawaii’s favorite fried dessert, and you’ll have no trouble finding the best malasadas on Maui. The doughnut-style treat is enriched with eggs, butter, and sometimes evaporated milk or fresh milk.

After frying these round pastries, they are rolled in sugar. While the traditional malasada is usually ungarnished, you’ll find all types of gooey variations to the recipe, such as coconut-flavored haupia pudding filling or plain custard. 

Things to Do on Maui

See a Magic Show 

If you are looking for a fun and unique experience on Maui, you have to check out the famous Warren & Annabelle’s Maui Magic show. Our Maui dinner show features roll-on-the-floor comedy performed in a 78-seat theater by award-winning magicians who perform in Las Vegas, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, make magic on the Broadway stage, and perform on “Masters of Illusion” on television. 

You’ll start your evening dining in the comfort of an elegantly styled living room.  While there, you’ll be offered a menu that combines some of the best flavors known to Hawaii, including the to-die-for crunchy coconut shrimp we mentioned earlier. Dine a la carte with their delectable cuisine, or add the Royal Flush Package to your Admission ticket to get the full Warren & Annabelle’s experience!

Here’s what your Maui dinner show package includes with the Royal Flush Package:

  • A combination platter of gourmet appetizers (filling enough to make it dinner)
  • Choice of homemade dessert
  • Choice of two premium cocktails (or non-alcoholic tropical drinks)
  • Gratuity for your server

All guests must be 21 years or older to enter and provide a valid photo ID. Because of its popularity, Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show sells out very quickly and in advance. Therefore, reservations are required, so be sure to book early to score the hard-to-come-by tickets! Check our website for availability and to purchase tickets

Take a Hana Highway Tour

Listing a Hana Highway Tour as one of the best things to do on Maui is no coincidence. The 64-mile drive offers a picturesque experience that includes breathtaking waterfalls, hiking spots, and beaches.  Once your journey starts, you’ll soon see why this option should be listed on your bucket list. 

Plan to spend the day (up to 11 hours) on this tour that offers you opportunities to swim under a tropical waterfall, visit various colored beaches, and stops at gardens, parks, and historic sites. It’s the ultimate way to take in a plethora of sights in Maui.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Choose from several different flight tours designed to give you the best scenic views of the island. Get a bird’s eye view of cascading waterfalls, lush valleys, sea cliffs, and tropical rainforests, all from the comfort of your helicopter seat.

You’ll enjoy this epic adventure that’s loaded with information as you learn about the Maui history, culture, and ancient island traditions while your pilot narrates the tour. Check the variety of schedules offered in helicopter tours on Maui that range from 45-minute trips to more lengthy excursions up to 75 minutes.

Do a Waterfall Rappel

If you’re one of the adventurous types, consider booking one of the most unique activities listed in things to do on Maui. Skip the crowds and the hectic pace by joining this exclusive adventure on Maui that offers unforgettable visits to waterfalls, pools, and streams situated against the backdrop of a lush rainforest. 

You can also rest easy knowing that rappelling experience is not necessary for this adventure. In fact, this tour is ideal for beginners. Safety is a top priority, and all the gear you’ll need is included in your tour cost. 

Enjoy the unsurpassed scenic views of this adventure and relish in the valley’s famous setting in the opening scenes of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. Indeed, your adventure will likely be the highlight of your evening dinner discussion!

And there you have the best things to do, see, and eat on Maui! Save time for some Maui Magic, enjoy the feast and entertainment at Maui Dinner Shows, and take advantage of picture-perfect moments at the Pineapple Plantation. What are you waiting for? 

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